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A complete rebrand for a consultancy startup.


Honest guides inidviduals, leaders and organisations to realise their full potential. Trough a mix of leadership and personal development programmes, and purpose driven consultancy. How does that translate into a brand identity that can grow with the compnay and reflects its values and beliefs?

Honest Logo

A simple wordmark accompanied by an elevated circle. The circle is a shape that represents a variety of ideas across time and cultures; being complete, wholeness, beginnings, the sun, Mother earth, infinity and ongoing energy. All concepts honest identifies with and constantly strives for as a brand.

Much like the circle, honest may mean different things to different people. The abstraction of the circle is whatever you make it to be.

No capital. We are not here to make a statement, we are here in support. We do not pressure ourselves onto a process. Rather we facilitate.

Honest facilitates. So it made sense to keep its design clean and elegant. Trough grey tones, the Suisse International typeface and white space keeps honest’s presentation minimal but distinguished. 

The colours do pop however. It gives the honest brand an edge and recognisability. The colour hiarchy identifies what service of the brand you’re dealing with.

Honest palette
Honest Business Cards copy

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