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Gigantic hit singles, golden and platinum awards and sold out venues. Nielson has become a household name in the Dutch music scene. However, it had been quiet around the singer-songwriter. Now, after two years, Nielson is releasing a new album: Diamant. How do we get him back in the picture? And how do we create a style that fits his new persona?

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The artist formely known as

We did not only create the Nielsonair campaign page, the digital design was leading and therefore implemented tourhout all of his communication: from posters to merchandise, from banners to Spotify, from album artwork to the social media campaign. Nielson had reinvented himself and shrug off his reputation of the sweet singer songwriter. His music and attitude slicker, more stylish, and more modern. We therefore chose for a combination of black and white, bold typefaces, and sophisticated photos.

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