Any blonde beer brand

Concept, creative direction, production

This campaign is a thought excersise and is self-initiated.


VEDETT is merely used as an example

For some reason, a lot of right-wing populist politicians are blondes. But not all blondes are bad. VEDETT Blonde for instance, is pretty good.


It's just Politics

VEDETT is a type of brand that appeals to young urbanites. Generation Y and millenials. Relatively young people who care about the world, with socially active lives. They generally have a little more money to spare. Based on those insights, we can predict that VEDETT won't feel backlash from the politically loaded message in this campaign. Actually, by taking a stance in the debate, VEDETT may expect the customer loyalty to increase. 

Blonde Geert Wilders
Blonde trump
Blonde Marie Le Penn
Blonde Boris Johnson

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